Sewer Permits

The sanitary sewer system collects and transports wastewater to UCSD’s treatment facilities. Extensions, additions, connections, or other modifications to the sanitary sewer collection system require sewer permitting before construction can begin or any new connection can be made to the system.

IEPA Sewer Construction Permit

 State law and UCSD regulations require an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) Sewer Construction Permit for projects that generate over 15 population equivalents (P.E.) or 1,500 gallons per day. The P.E. values are based upon peak or instantaneous flow rates, not average rates of flow. The P.E. values account for expected quantities of unmetered flow, such as infiltration and inflow, from the sewers that connect the building to the treatment plant.

UCSD staff calculate the P.E. based upon Title 35, Subtitle C, Chapter II, Section 370, Appendix B of Illinois Recommended Standards for Sewage Works and information provided by the owner of the proposed building or development. Specific values for residential units are defined in the Section, including that a single-family residence is 3.5 PE.

P.E. calculations may be appealed to the Board of Trustees of UCSD for the sole purpose of determining compliance with UCSD Ordinance 691. Since the permitting fees pay for capacity at the treatment plant and in the sanitary sewer system that is estimated to be used by a given entity, no reductions in permit fees are anticipated due to the not-for-profit status of an entity.

IEPA Sewer Construction Permit documents (Schedule WPC-PS-1, Schedule A/B and Schedule FTP) are available at Site plans and supporting documentation should be provided along with the permit application forms.

Projects that discharge to a municipally owned sanitary sewer must also submit the IEPA Sewer Construction Permit documents to the appropriate municipal agency for their review and execution. UCSD will not review IEPA permit applications that have not been executed by the appropriate municipal agency.

The UCSD Interceptor Cost Recovery Fee (ICRF) is due at the execution of the IEPA Sewer Construction permit by UCSD. 


Effective Date

ICRF Amount

Expected Adjustment Date


$408 per PE



UCSD Connection Permit

A UCSD Connection Permit is required prior to modification of flows relating to any building consisting of a new, modified, or existing connection that impacts a public sewer. Connection Permits are required when: 

  • Creating new sewer connections to a public sewer, or to a private sewer that impacts a public sewer 
  • Modifying sewer connections to a public sewer, or to a private sewer that impacts a public sewer 
  • Constructing a new building
  • Reconstructing an existing building
  • Increasing the number of residential units in an existing building
  • Modifying sewage flows from any non-residential portions of buildings with an existing connection that impacts a public sewer (including a change in use of the building) 
  • Remodeling non-residential portions of buildings where any plumbing is modified.

No Connection Permit shall be issued until a complete Connection Permit Application is filed with and approved by UCSD. A complete Connection Permit Application includes:

  • A completed Connection Permit Application Form ( available at
  • Payment of connection permit fee 
  • Site plans showing all new or modified plumbing and sewer connection associated with the building (not required for single family home permits)
  • Approved (IEPA) Sewer Construction Permit (if such permit is required for the project)
  • Any additional information requested by UCSD staff to clarify the extent of the project or to determine the UCSD Connection Permit fee

The UCSD connection permit fee is due at the execution of the connection permit. 


Effective Date

Connection Permit Amount

Expected Adjustment Date


$521 per PE



Projects that discharge to a municipality owned public sanitary sewer must also apply for sewer permits thru those agencies and are subject to any municipal sewer permitting fees. The municipalities will not issue their connection permits until the UCSD connection permit has been executed. If the connection is to a sewer within the corporate limits of Champaign, Urbana or Village of Savoy, the applicant then takes the permit to the respective municipality for their processing. Each municipality is required to inspect the sewer construction work and return a completed inspection list to UCSD. If the connection is to a UCSD interceptor sewer, UCSD Staff will observe and inspect the connection as well.

Municipal Sewer Repair Permit

 The Municipality that the sewer lateral discharges into shall issue sewer repair permits. UCSD no longer issues sewer repair permits.