Health Insurance

Health insurance is available to all regular full time employees.  Coverage is effective the first day of employment.  The District pays 90% of the employee’s premium and 50% of dependent coverage.  Premiums for dependent coverage are deducted from the first 2 paychecks each month. 

Employees who have alternate coverage that meets the minimum essential requirements of the Affordable Care Act, may elect to not be covered by the District’s plan.  To opt out, the employee must provide proof of other coverage.  The employee will be paid a pre-determined amount on the same paychecks in which health insurance premiums are deducted.  These payments are considered as income and are subject to taxes and deductions as other wages.

Through the City of Champaign, the District offers an HMO or POS plan through Health Alliance with a choice of Carle or Christie clinics, Carle or OSF for hospitals, as well as referrals to major centers in both St. Louis and Chicago. 

The plan year is March 1 – February 28.  Open enrollment is each February.

For basic coverage information, please view this summary.
Contact:  Susan Mekus
Phone:  (217) 278-8581

Customer Service Phone:  (800) 851-3379